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With content written by contributing instructors from across the country, Hawkes' three-mode Learning Path teaches students a systematic approach to learning.

  • Multimedia instruction
  • User-directed graphing
  • Interactive tutorials 
  • Unlimited practice sessions
  • Mastery-based assignments

Hawkes provides students with unlimited opportunities to demonstrate understanding of learning objectives at a defined competency level without penalty. Customized practice sessions tailor the learning path to individual needs, and game-like lessons motivate students to achieve mastery.


We know incoming students often struggle with math basics like graphing, solving equations, and finding area. That's why we've include an entire review chapter to remediate math skill gaps. 

0.1 Addition and Subtraction 0.2 Multiplication and Division 0.3 Order of Operations 0.4 Algebraic Expressions  

0.5 Basics of Percent 0.6 Linear Equations 0.7 Graphing 0.8 Calculating Area

Hawkes’ software learning modules with intelligent tutoring and error-specific feedback can get your students up to speed.  


Hawkes’ homework and testing platform for economics has NEW user-directed graphing that doesn't rely on Flash or plugins.  

These interactive graphing questions provide step-by-step tutorials and specific feedback in real-time as students make mistakes for deeper learning!


Competency-based learning made simple: 


Learn offers a multimedia-rich presentation of the lesson content. It includes instructional videos, interactive questions, group activities, and more.


Practice engages students with algorithmically generated questions and intelligent tutoring in an ungraded environment. 


Certify requires students to demonstrate mastery of the material at a defined proficiency level without access to tutoring aids.


Provide data-driven guidance.

The course management system contains robust reporting tools so you can track how students are doing on any assignment in real time. Detailed performance reporting and analytics allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your classroom.

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Synchronize class rosters, assignments, and final grades into your LMS—including Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle, and Blackboard—from your Hawkes Grade Book. Allow your students to log into Hawkes directly with single sign-on.

FEATURES & HIGHLIGHTS Define the path to success.

Everything—from the initial login to the final assignment—is designed with the student in mind and is fully customizable.

PRACTICE TESTING Create personal assessments and receive a breakdown of demonstrated competency to identify individual strengths and weaknesses for additional practice.

TEST GENERATOR & SECURE ONLINE TESTING Choose from the robust question bank to create your curriculum, tests, and quizzes that can be printed or administered online.

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Prerequisite tests and assignments
  • Security settings and IP address restrictions
  • Custom question integration

QUESTION BUILDER Customize content by creating your own dynamic questions, which can include detailed Step-by-Step help and your own Explain Error feedback. Add free response or multiple choice questions that include graphs, images, explanations for wrong answers, adjustable tolerance ranges, and more.

Explain Error example

EXPLAIN ERROR Get precise feedback from the system’s artificial intelligence, which anticipates and diagnoses specific errors. 

STEP-BY-STEP TUTOR Break down questions with interactive, step-by-step tutorials and detailed explanations.

QUIZLET VERIFIED CONTENT CREATOR Hawkes Learning is a Quizlet Verified Creator to provide students with a free online learning resource that includes flashcards, games, and more.

COMPANION WEBSITE Continuously updated and free, provides curated economics resources connecting course content to students' everyday lives.  

  • Real-world chapter projects
  • Games and vocabulary practice through Quizlet
  • Curated videos
  • Additional resources to help students connect with concepts  


The Principles of Microeconomics Guided Notebook and the Principles of Macroeconomics Guided Notebook present content in an easy-to-follow format. They ask students to pick out key concepts and then apply them immediately.

Inspire students to take a more active role in getting instruction and develop soft skills like note taking.

"Hawkes' software provides an ideal environment where students can practice the new skills they are learning until they really have them mastered, getting immediate feedback on the mistakes that they make as they work."

Dr. Tristan Denley | Chief Academic Officer of the University System of Georgia

SERVICE IS THE DIFFERENCE Let us personally answer your questions.

TRAINING AND SUPPORT TEAM Your school will be assigned a dedicated Training and Support Specialist who will work with you before, during, and after each term to learn about your course goals and help you utilize the Hawkes system to achieve them.

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