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Foundations of English

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Hawkes' three-mode Learning Path teaches students a systematic approach to learning, mirroring the innate way we learn. Distinct modes for learning and practice within each topic create an ungraded, anxiety-free environment and are independent of the actual homework itself.

  • Multimedia rich instruction
  • Application-based exercises
  • Immediate, error-specific feedback
  • Penalty-free practice sessions
  • Mastery-based assignments

Students can also create customized practice sessions to reinforce knowledge and guide focused study sessions while game-like lessons motivate students to achieve mastery.


Grammar Diagnostic This 50-question assessment identifies areas of proficiency and specific knowledge gaps for each student. A customized curriculum is developed for individual students to strengthen their grammar skills and eliminate errors in their writing.

Customize this test as a pre-course assessment to cover a wide range of topics or a subset of learning outcomes for a specific curricular unit or module.

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  • Instructional videos  
  • Group and on-your-own activities
  • Helpful hints 
  • Reflection questions 
  • Reading & writing applications

Instructional content prompts students to answer questions and apply concepts to academic, professional, and everyday contexts.

Interactive Tutor Guide students through questions in the Practice modules with the Hint and Solution tools.  

Explain Error Students receive precise feedback from the system's artificial intelligence, which anticipates and diagnoses specific errors to enhance understanding.

Click-To Questions The robust question bank goes beyond multiple-choice, asking students to select or insert words, phrases, or sentences based on given reading passages.


Create and manage writing assignments with SmartReview™. As an instructor tool, SmartReview™ offers an easy-to-navigate, customizable resource for creating, managing, and scoring writing assignments. As a student tool, it offers an organized writing space where students can submit assignments for individualized feedback from both peer reviewers and you, the instructor.

Incorporate peer review the SMART way.

Peer review as a part of the drafting and revision process promotes collaboration and community within the classroom. Asking your writers to be proofreaders not only generates helpful feedback from peers, but strengthens each student’s ability to identify areas for improvement in their own writing.

  • Automate the assignment of paper submissions to peers for review
  • Ensure authors and reviewers remain anonymous
  • Build custom rubrics for peer reviewers to score against
  • Use pre-defined “Tags” for reviewers to provide specific feedback
  • Allow reviewers to input custom comments for authors
  • Require a minimum number of tags or comments in a peer review
  • Score and assign points for quality of feedback by reviewer
  • Preview peer reviews before releasing to authors

The Reading & Writing Handbook
for the College Student, 3rd Edition  

This pocket-sized resource has a big impact on students’ comprehension of writing, revising, and researching. It includes:  

  • MLA 9th, APA 7th, CMS 17th, and CSE 8th 
  • Writing, research, grammar, and style tips 
  • Sample writings with annotations 
  • Exercises with relatable content for today’s diverse college students  

As a lifetime learning resource, the handbook serves students in all disciplines during and beyond their college years.

Foundations of English Grammar Workbook  

Written by instructors, this pencil-paper resource offers students a convenient tool for hands-on interaction with topics ranging from basic parts of speech to inclusive language. Students build upon reading and writing skills while sharpening their grammar knowledge through varied activities, editing applications, and sentence-analysis questions.

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Synchronize class rosters, assignments, and final grades into your LMS—including Canvas, Brightspace by D2L, Moodle, and Blackboard—from your Hawkes Grade Book.

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Provide data-driven guidance.

Our instructor platform provides robust reporting tools that allow you to track student progress on assignments in real time.

These tools provide detailed performance reporting and analytics designed to empower instructors to make data-driven decisions and implement timely interventions for their students’ success.

"Hawkes' software provides an ideal environment where students can practice the new skills they are learning until they really have them mastered, getting immediate feedback on the mistakes that they make as they work."

Dr. Tristan Denley | Chief Academic Officer of the University System of Georgia

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